New Root Street EP

by trOpe

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released April 30, 2015

For you.

Written, composed, arranged, and produced by Leo Courbot, except The Vine and Grass Skirts and Fig Leaves (Pas Nier Feuilles de Vigne), arranged by Leo Courbot and Mehdi Bennadji.
Performed by trOpe.

trOpe is:
Leo Courbot: Vocals, guitars
Antoine Joseph: Bass
Florence Vincenot: Keys
Mehdi Bennadji: Drums


Recorded in October 2014 by Arnaud Dervaux at 153 Studios, France.
Mixed by Russell Elevado at Analogypsy Studios, New York.
Mastered by Dave Collins at Collins Mastering, Los Angeles.
Cover art by Cassandra Lakomyj.
Cover design by Cécile Gaudon.

Special thanks to our additional backing vocalists, Cécile Cuvelier and Andrew Picord, aka 'The trOpers' for spreading the word with us on tour. Huge thanks to Russell Elevado, Dave Collins, Arnaud 'Peck' Dervaux and Cécile Gaudon, and Cassandra Lakomyj for their generosity. Last but not least, thank you Pauline, family, and Fred D'Aguiar for endless support. One Love.



all rights reserved


trOpe Brussels, Belgium

Born in late 2013, trOpe is a fuzz-funk collective of musicians whose aim is to produce songs pregnant with a poetic language (tropes) relying on and standing on behalf of cultural exchange (across the tropics): tropicality.


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Track Name: The Vine
Before I knew it
I was out of the vine
Up to my neck in guilt
I had no peace of mind

I had taken root
On a battlefield
I could bear no fruit
My branches started to yield

Away from the vine...

I was almost fit to burn
When I found my way
I made a U turn
Before the end of day

Now I'm doing my best
With or without shield
And I will not rest
Until love is healed

En route to the vine (x6)
Track Name: APE
What would white mean if there was no black
What would front mean if there was no back
You see, nothing exists without its contrary
But when it comes to color, the word is complementary
You can make some beautiful blends by crossing color lines
But you won't see them unless you're color-blind

Chorus 1
Can't you see?
This is tropicality

Constant falling will wear away the stone
But at least since I fell in love, I know I'm not alone
And it's often more than making out the French way
We share everything, though we don't make babies
We can delay it for a time if we've got good intentions
Whatever your faith, at least that's my contention

Chorus 2
Can't you see?
Philia Eros Agape...

My dedication consists in tropical verses and tones
But don't ask me how many birds I kill with one stone
For I don't know, it's not something concrete
I just know love is the spot where we meet
Be it brotherly, sexual or sacrificial, of any shape
That's what shall make me go from ape to A...P.E...

Chorus 1
Track Name: Grass Skirts and Fig Leaves (Pas Nier Feuilles de Vigne)
(Considering how things have been
It's time to make it easy being green)

There are some fig leaves that pretend
That grass skirts cannot be their kin
Except when they want to contend
That global is original sin

But fig leaves do forget too fast
That they were sewn together first
And if one can see leaves of grass
Then what's the difference with the skirt

Grass skirts and fig leaves
Pagnes et feuilles de vigne
Grass skirts and fig leaves
Pas nier feuilles de vigne

And even difference we should dig
As different from adversity
With petals, grass, and leaves from the fig
Make beautiful diversity

A versatile paraphernalia
Would gravitate around our waists
To show that – like with genitalia –
Sterile are cultures staying chaste


Not that we must all be the same
Our secrets can be kept off scene
The riddle of the soul remains
Even if what's beneath the skirt is seen

The roots of our knowledge trees
Can intertwine for us to trace
The routes relating you and me
Without us ever losing face

Chorus x2
Track Name: New Root Street
Not everybody's blessed
With a little success
I know I shouldn't complain
But as I'm trying to get more
I've got to force myself to ignore
Those who look down on my aim

For they say I fix my gaze
On a wall in a maze
They say I just can't see
But I have made my way through
To Creativity Avenue
Then why shouldn't I look for New Root Street?

I know outwardly I'm wasting away
But inside I'm renewed everyday
And if I sometimes can go astray
I still can sense a treasure in a jar of clay

Therefore I will not lose heart
I'll try to perfect my art
After all, they are no sages
They just put me down like a child
Or try to make me feel old inside
But who cares if my soul ain't my age?